Artist Profile

“Being able to recognize the energy and beauty of life is an honor and I want to share this with others.”

Janell R Colburn is a self-taught artist from Northeastern, CT.  At a very young age she was creative. Crayons and markers led to free-hand drawing which led to her first private painting classes at the age of nine. She is inspired by the world she observes around us that allows her to create paintings.  By working all the hues of the color palette she creates vibrant pieces of work.  Being aware of the everyday beauty of the sky, trees, flowers and all that Mother Earth surrounds us with, you can see the passion in the colors that bring each painting to life. 


“The painting process is very similar to life. You have a vision in your head of what you want it to be and the journey to getting there teaches you how to deal with yourself;  learn from your mistakes, solve problems, look deep inside and step outside of yourself, let go, move on and find the balance of acceptance. At that point, you can relax, breathe and enjoy what you have created.”


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