The In Between Is Mine

The yoga paintings are inspired by my practice of yoga for the past seven years.  The journey of yoga has brought me to a place in my life and mind where my thoughts are drawn deep inside and I can find the focus and clarity that I seek. Humbling, nurturing, relaxing and free. Releasing fears and opening up to a tranquil space.


Yoga has taught me to be respectful and accepting of myself and others.  It opens the windows of your soul to fresh air and you can breathe in more space to thrive. When you can find the place of solace, you are free.  You feel tied to something bigger than you. That space in time is yours. The pause from breath to breath is the space in between when you realize the moment is yours.

The In Between Is Mine. I Am Mine.


Mother. Earth

This is a collection of pieces inspired by Mother Earth.  The beauty of the flowers, trees, ocean, sky, sun and moon surround us all of the time. We just need to take a moment to be present and recognize their presence.  The seasons bring us their own palettes with flowers, trees and the constant changing skies cast their shades of light down upon us.


Some of these paintings are inspired by my Mother's photography. She taught me at a young age to appreciate nature and the beauty that sits before us, just by opening your eyes a little bit wider.  With her nurturing mind, she opened up a world of awe and appreciation for all things big and small. Mother Earth and our own Mothers provide us with the nourishment; strength and guidance that we need to sustain a bountiful and content life.When we take the time to notice the beauty, we connect with something bigger than ourselves and find peace within.  Watching the wonder of the sun and the moon, rising and setting reminds us that our time here is passing and we alone possess the ability to make our life what we chose it to be. The moment you connect with the awe of our Earth, is a moment of enlightenment.


"Let us make the flowers our bed, and the sky our blanket"~ Kahlil Gibran