Letting Your Light Shine

August 22, 2015


You need a spark to start a fire. Just a little flicker of light to ignite it.  Slowly add small pieces and wait for them to catch on fire, patiently.  If you don’t wait for the small pieces to burn, you will smolder the fire. Sometimes you will need more small pieces than you thought to get it started. When the small pieces are glowing bright gradually add bigger pieces. Feeding the flames so the fire can sustain itself. Make sure to let the fire breathe. It needs air to thrive and grow, each piece balanced on top of each other with enough space between to keep the flames burning. When your fire starts to blaze it’s time to sit back and feel the heat warm your soul.  To keep it burning & shining you have to add more pieces, let them crackle, let them spark, it’s beautiful!  Stoke your fire, not too much-it will fade away, enough to keep it alive.  It now has deep burning coals.  Patience, Balance, Space & Air is all you need to nuture your fire. The art of starting a fire. The sooner we learn it, the easier life will be.

Let your soul shine!



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