"Trees are poems the Earth writes upon the sky" -Kahlil Gibran

October 21, 2015

As I started down the path I could feel my entire body begin to relax. My steps becoming effortless & soft, my breath smooth and easy. The fresh air swirled around my head and through me, the stillness softened my gaze and opened my ears.I felt the silent woods wrap gently around my being, my soul. I’m alive. I am home.


I weaved along the way, around trees and over rocks that Mother Earth so carefully decorated alongside the path. The earth grew soft and bouncy below my feet.  Moss began to cover the earth, blanketing every inch, crawling around the tree trunks.  Above me the canopy opened up, the trees towered, stretching straight up to the sky, so high. So glorious.


Each tree growing, reaching, yearning, seeking air- sunshine, water and space. Branching out , intertwined with their fellow trees seeking the same.  Sharing their space waving at the sky and standing unassuming in their place. Rooted, fearless, still, humble, centered, thriving, connected….


We are all connected. Our roots spreading deep into the earth, craving nourishment. Our branches reaching the sky, intertwining with other branches. Our boughs strong, bowing to the wind. Our souls seeking air, sunshine, water and space.

Let us embrace these connections and nourish our souls.


























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