"Remember you are half water, if you can’t go through an obstacle – go around it." Margaret Atwood

February 27, 2016

      Having the opportunity to watch a waterfall in the winter is an amazing experience.  The sound of the water rushing down relentlessly, glazing the rocks creating intricate icicles, spraying the nearby trees and bushes with a perfect coat of ice, creating beautiful ice sculptures you couldn’t ever imagine.

     The hike to the top was even more magical. A small stream flowing through the woods blanketed in snow, quietly, steadily running over the top and falling willingly below, as the water dances down –it keeps building more layers of icicles and creating natural frozen masterpieces.  By the time it reaches the bottom, it is so cold that some of the water turns into snowflakes and falls gently into a huge pile of snow.  

     Even in the winter, Mother Earth provides us with beauty. Water keeps moving, it does not matter what season it is. It is in motion, continuous energy flowing, adapting to its surroundings and using the chill from the air to form incredible ice sculptures.  Cleansing, persevering -our connection to Earth, the familiar life force we can feel if we are willing to be open and receptive.



Our surroundings are constantly changing; we must adapt, find our energy and keep it flowing. Not resisting because of the unknown, our fears, doubts and reservations. Let it all go and fall willingly into the change. Free yourself, be who you really are.  Embrace the transitions and we can create our own masterpieces.   Feel the fluidity, using strength and patience to guide us through it all, knowing that everything will be ok.  You just have to be willing to bundle up and explore. Mother Earth always provides, she will keep you warm and calm your fears. It will be beautiful!

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